It’s a personal choice but you know what I say?  Kinda, but not really!

Here’s some perspective…

You’re on your holidays to rest.  So do that.  Resting and sleeping are as important as moving and eating.

Now maybe you’re out with the guys or girls and you want to have a good time.  Allow yourself this down time.  Or maybe you’re on holidays with your family, then you’ll want to share as much of this time as possible with them while also getting your own down time.

So here’s what to consider.  Most holidays contain some kind of exercise.  Walking, swimming (or splashing about), dancing or even limbo’ing!  Lifting a beer doesn’t really count btw!   When you get up in the morning exercise is either gonna eat into family time or upset your stomach from the hectic night before.  So take a break.  And then…

Later if you’re feeling like you have a 10 minute gap before heading for the pool / slopes / lunch (!) then try and fit in some of the following:

The Plank – my number one go to exercise when I’m travelling.  If I can do 1 minute front, 1 minute left side, 1 minute front again and one minute right side – then I feel I’m maintaining some of my hard earned muscle tone ( even if I’m hiding it under some padding).

The Iron Cross – ok, a bit more pressure on the stomach.  But worth it if you’re feeling up to it.  I’ll let this guy demonstrate.

Press-ups – 3 sets of press-ups 10-20 reps each. The option here is to be on your knees to make it easier.

Burpees – ok – they require effort.  Like this girl with an extra star jump if you have the available head height – do as many as you can


For food intake remember a few key things:

Eat as close to nature as possible – salads, BBQ, and fish are my go-to’s.  Try and avoid wheat and heavy carbs, even if only for part of your trip.  Enjoy a few chips but share them around.

Drinking?  Go for wine over beer.  Lets just say – gas in = gas out – eventually.  While it’s in there it’s uncomfortable.  When it’s coming out it’s unsociable!  I’d say the same for water or juices btw, still over sparkling.

And you know if you drop the ball, tomorrow is another day.  Just have a good time, and next day give it another go.  When you get home you can catch up.

And finally have a break – sleep, lie in, relax by the pool, whatever.  Chill out.  It’s what holidays are about.