Body Focus: 10,000 swing kettlebell workout

This is now on my to-do list!

First saw it here:



And found the t-nation event here:

Fit girls do rock – guys too!  So, here it is…

Kettlebell Swing Workout:

This is straight from T-Nation:

The Swings: Clusters, Sets, and Reps

Use an undulating rep scheme to reach 500 total reps per workout:

Set 1:  10 reps
Set 2:  15 reps
Set 3:  25 reps
Set 4:  50 reps

Shake it up – what ever way works for you.  Put on some pumpin’ tunes – you may able to perform the first two clusters without stopping during the 50 reps set, but don’t worry if you have to nail the last three by splitting the 50 reps into two sets of 25 reps. 

These 4 sets = 100 reps or one cluster.

Repeat the cluster 4 more times for a total of 500 swings.