50 Ways To Lose Weight

We’re busy compiling a list of all the minimal effort ways you can target weight loss.  Utilise as many as possible.  Any suggestions?  Please let us know.

1. Stop eating most of your non-home prepared food

2. Swap as many existing drinks as possible for green tea based sugar-free and dairy-free based drinks

3. Improve your stomachs digestion, probiotics can help

4. Improve your intestine’s absorption, triphala can help

5. Increase your guts good bacteria count, that’s quantity and variety

6. Find our you body’s daily calorie requirement and start aiming to eat less

7. Of all ingredients, minimise sugar

8. Minimise bad fats, like fatty rinds, cheap processed oils, deep fried food etc

9. Minimise white refined carbs like white bread and piles of pasta. It doesn’t have to be all about low carb, just jettison the refined wheat to start.

10. Alcohol has a lot of calories. Your call.

11. As you go, fill you belly with low calorie or no calorie snacks or drinks.

12. Prepare snacks in advance and have them ready

13. Some fruit has lots of natural sugar and can be quite high in calories but it’s fruit, it’s good for you, it’s got vitamins and antioxidants and fiber. Eat it.

14. Protein and good fat fills you up and keeps hunger away longer.

15. Water and black coffee (1 or 2 a day) are good for you. Drink them for energy and to help stave off hunger.

16. Use a smaller plate for meals.

17. Oh yeah, exercise!  Anything. But I recommend a quick cross of cardio and weights – like Kettleworx, T25 if you’re already fully fit, or BodyRock.tv.  Works far better than just running or walking in the same amount of time.

18.  Vegetables are your friend. All of them. Green ones are best. But all are good.

19.  What about potatoes?  Deserves its own post here.

20. Chew slower and longer and don’t eat in front of the TV or device.

21. Trying to choose a beverage for a night out?  Choose red wine over white wine or beer.

22. Consider a purer, low calorie cocktail like vodka, sparkling water and lime juice.  Invent or find your own.

23.  The smell of green apples, lemon or peppermint is said to curb your appetite.  Try it.

24.  Stressed?  De-stress.  This is crucial.

25.  Try transformitea.com.  De-stress.  Detox.  Lose weight.  Lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

26.  Don’t force yourself to do an activity you dislike, unless it’s only very occasionally and really worth it.

27.  Only weight in once a week.  Small progress can be a progress destroyer

28.  Push your evening snacks to next morning, and enjoy them then.  A deferred snack is a triumph too

29.  Have something for breakfast – chia seeds, boiled egg, smoothie, porridge, nutrient rich is the key

30.  Drink coffee – americano, express, straight black.  Particularly useful and hour or two before any kind of exercise.

31.  Go to bed.  For so many reasons.

32.  Record what you eat for 2 weeks.  MyFitnessPal app is probably est for this

33.  Crudités – all you can eat.  Go for it.

34.  Oh yeah, add  fruit (not juice) to that – it’s your friend.  Carry it with you and keep home made fruit salad in the fridge for snacking on

35.  If you drop the ball.  Enjoy the moment, don’t torture yourself.  Then start again now, no need to wait until tomorrow.

36.  Most newer smart phones are also pedometers.  Enable it for a little extra insight.  And then beat your score.

37.  Take lunch.

38.  Water.  Water.  Water.

39.  Flavoured water – home made.  Lemon, lime, mint, ginger, etc.

40.  Chew more.  Makes it easier to digest.

41.  Serve yourself smaller portions and pop the rest in the freezer before you sit.

42.  Dark chocolate, about 80%, can knock cravings on the head.  Aim for about 2 squares.

43.  Have backup snacks that don’t need chilling.  12 almonds or equivalent portion of peanuts.

44.  Brush your teeth a little earlier than normal at night to help stop snacking.

45.  Vigorous exercise reduces hunger.

46.  Focus on and enjoy the food in front of you.

47.  Pick a reasonable sized lunchbox about the size of 2 fists.  If it don’t fit, don’t take it.

48.  Protein is more filling, as is fat.  But don’t go nuts.  Actually nuts are good, just don’t over do it.

49.  If you’re experienced, gauge the calories before you eat – just so you know.  Else ready the labels.

50.  Intermittent fasting might work for you.  Works for some, not for others.