1 Change to Beat Stress-Related Weight Gain

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Stress causes weight gain. Surprised?

It causes a drop in blood sugar and your body and mind go into hyperactive mode. You lose sleep which in turn propels you towards increased appetite, makes your body hold on to weight and interferes with your resolutions to lose weight and be healthy.

There’s one simple change to help yourself relax.

What if we told you that all you need is just one cup of tea?

Modern science identified natural smart drugs enhancing your body’s natural ability to perform optimally.  Caffeine and L-theanine are two natural components of green tea. L-theanine reduces stress and helps improve the effects of caffeine while negating the jitters and high blood pressure.

It improves memory, provides a sense of calm and relaxation whist being one of the safest, tried and tested nootropic options that you can find.


Green sencha or oolong.  Or white tea if you can find it.

DOSAGE: 100-200 mg (usually with 2:1 ratio with caffeine)

UPDATE:  This smart tea – Transformitea.com – appears to be coming to market Winter ’17.  It’s jam packed full of the absolute top 10 list of all-natural stress busters, detox-ers and doubles as a broom for your insides.  Judging by the list of ingredients there’s also some appetite suppression.  And perfectly portioned in very unique way, judging from the images on the site.